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Sleeping Beauty: A mid-century fairy tale

sleeping-beauty-9781843652915Sleeping Beauty: A mid-century fairy tale is new to the Book Centre, and is already one of my favourites from this year. It is partly the traditional story, and partly a twist, and is set initially in the 1950’s, and then 1000 years in the future. The story could be used in school to study fairytale structures, or children could be asked to translate other traditional tales to futuristic settings.  It could also simply be enjoyed as a modern adaptation of the fairy tale.

The illustrations are typically David Roberts, and his history in design is evident in the character’s dresses and the various backgrounds in the book. As with his version of Rapunzel, the female characters are strong, bright and independent, and the ending of the book is particularly inspirational, and a fantastic twist on the original fairy story. Stylish and clever, this is a beautiful, contemporary version of this classic tale, with no prince in sight.

Reviewed by Sarah O’Loughlin, Book Centre Manager

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