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Book Review – Tidy


Title: Tidy

Author: Emily Gravett

From the author who gave us Wolves, The Rabbit Problem and Meerkat Mail comes a rhyming woodland story about what happens when you are too tidy. Perhaps you’d think there’s not such a thing….

Peter the badger thinks he’s doing a good thing by keeping the forest neat and tidy but soon his collection of ‘rubbish’ leads to the destruction of the forest. Peter cleans the animals, snips the flowers and clears the leaves but he doesn’t know when to stop! In what once was a beautiful forest concrete now lays, is there a come back from Peters extreme tidy ways!?

Emily Gravett succeeds with yet another delightful story filled with humorous loveable characters and the sublet message of environmental preservation. This is another winning story from Gravett full of wonderful illustrations and a story fit for all ages. Definitely one for the classroom.

We love this book so much we created our own Tidy display at the Book Centre which we think would be fun to recreate in your classroom. We’d love to see your pictures which you can tweet to us @teacher_books

IMG_0796  IMG_0797

IMG_0801  IMG_0804

You can purchase your copy of Tidy here from our website or you can pop into the Book Centre.

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