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Book Review – The Wolf Wilder

 Title: The Wolf Wilder

Author: Katherine Rundell

With its gutsy heroine, cold-hearted villain and truly magical setting, this book reads like an action-packed fairy tale.

Feo feels more at home in the company of wolves than she does around humans. Cast off by their previous owners, the Russian aristocracy, the wolves have returned to the wild. Lead by Feo, they begin their adventure to defeat the merciless General Rakov, commander of the Tsar’s Imperial Army.

The author’s depiction of the wintry Russian landscape made me feel like I was there alongside the wolves. Rundell paints a beautiful picture of the snowy woodland and her description of the ‘five kinds of cold’ Feo and the wolves endure gave me shivers! Ballet dancing, homemade delicacies and St. Petersburg palaces all make this book perfect for learning about Russian culture.

Definitely one for fans of Philip Pullman and C.S.Lewis. Readers are welcomed into the wolf pack from the first page. Feo’s fierce spirit and the wolves’ instincts to protect the pack carry you through the adventure and make this a story you won’t forget quickly.

Book review by Eleanor

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