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Book Review – The Blackthorn Key

blackthornThe Blackthorn Key

Kevin Sands

Published September 2015

A wave of mysterious murders has sent shockwaves  through London, and soon Christopher finds himself on the run. His only allies are his best friend, Tom, courageous Molly, and a loyal feathered friend, Bridget. His only clues are a coded message about his master’s most dangerous project, and a cryptic warning – ‘Tell no one’.

Set in Medieval times this story is full of twists, turns, mysteries and action with codes to crack and puzzles to solve, a perfect read for year 6 children. I really enjoyed the story, Christopher and Tom are likeable characters and the author writes with such detail I believed I was in back in London 1665. This story is just right for fans of historical fiction but has enough action and explosives to keep all readers entertained.

The puzzle elements in the book make this story very unique and will have the reader exercising their brain power as Christopher tries to discover what happened to his master. You certainly get fully engrossed in the characters journey and Sands knows how to keep his readers engaged.

Book review by Carole

You can buy The Blackthorn Key from the book centre or via the website.





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