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Book review – Survivor

survivorSurvivor by Tom Hoyle

Fire hero, George Fleet is rewarded for his bravery by a course in Australia; the Ultimate Bushcraft Experience. Finding himself in trouble from the very start, George Fleet writes his ‘experience’ from a prison cell.

Along with seven other boys and two leaders, George begins this terrifying adventure. The first murder was tragic, but then the rest of the boys were dropping like flies, and the crew begin to realise it’s murder and that the murderer was in the camp. The more murders there are, the more the other boys start pointing fingers, and those fingers were directed at George. With suspicions of his own, George becomes more scared by the second.

The layout of the book  is very clever. The chapters first have an extract from George’s point of view, then the serial killer slowly explains to George how easy it was and why he had to do it. Because of this and that there are older themes e.g. violence, I would recommend this book to both boys and girls of ages 13-16. For fans of the hunger games and Gone. Survivor is the third chilling book by Tom Hoyle.

review by Harriet age 12

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