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Book Review – I Am Number Four



I Am Number Four

by Pittacus Lore

Published 10th September

‘I Am Number Four’ is an exciting, fast paced sci-fi adventure book. Number Four is 15-year-old John Smith, his newest identity chosen by him and his guardian or ‘Cepan’. He is an alien from the planet Lorien and was sent to Earth along with 8 others and their Cepans. These nine children are part of the Garde and are taught how to master their natural powers whilst on the run from the Mogadorians, who destroyed their home planet and are seeking Lorien extinction.

The book starts fast paced and stays the same tempo through-out with countless amounts of chases, battles and excitement. I was unable to put this book down and would recommend the book to anyone interested in sci-fi and adventure‘I Am Number Four’ is a must read.


FateofTenI also went onto read the whole series including the titles ‘The Power of Six’ and ‘The Rise of Nine‘ which were equally as thrilling. The newest title ‘The Fate of Ten’ is the next book in the series and out this week and I look forward to reading it.


by Jacob Clayton

You can buy I am Number Four or The Fate of Ten from the book centre or via the website.


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