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Book Review ~ The Boy and the Globe

Title: The Boy and the Globe

Author: Tony Bradman

Illustrated by: Tom Morgan-Jones

The Boy and the Globe is set in Tudor England and tells the tale of Toby, an orphan boy living on the streets of London. He falls in with the wrong crowd who persuade him to begin a career as a pickpocket, one of the targets being the Globe Theatre. Instead of concentrating on nipping and dipping however, he is enthralled by the play on at the theatre, Macbeth. Toby comes across Will Shakespeare who is in a slump and struggling for inspiration. Seeing all of the books and speaking to Will, Toby has an idea for a new plotline which he helps to bring to life on stage as The Tempest.

Full of historical information and written in Tony Bradman’s usual funny style, The Boy and the Globe is very easy to read and really brings Shakespearean England to life. This is perfect to use as part of any school activities celebrating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. A must for every classroom.

You can purchase your copy of The Boy and the Globe here from our website or you can visit us at the Book Centre.

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