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Book Review – Beetle Boy


Title: Beetle Boy

Author: M.G. Leonard

Illustrations: Julia Sarda

Book Design: Studio Helen

We absolutely love this story not to mention how beautiful the book itself is with bright colours and sprayed edges, it’s definitely one to be enjoyed in the classroom. Or perhaps in the great outdoors in search of beetles. The story is described as ‘a darkly funny Dahl-esque adventure’ and it certainly echoes his great sense of storytelling, as well as the magical ‘other world’ of J.K. Rowling.

The characters are fun and inspiring role models and there is plenty of diversity with not only human characters but insects too. It’s exciting to read a story that centres not only around the adventures of the characters but how humans interact with nature and how their impact affects the world. There are many comedy moments and tensions are high as our protagonists come up against an evil villain.

This is a story full of adventure, mystery and friendship which will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. But above all we think it will leave you wanting a beetle of your own. We really enjoyed this story and can’t wait for its sequel Beetle Queen.

You can purchase your copy of Beetle Boy from our website here or pop into the Book Centre.

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