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5 New Christmas Books not to be Missed!

5 new Christmas books not to be missed!

Penguin Problems is a hilarious first collaboration from Jory John and Lane Smith, a penguin levels with human readers about what penguin life is really like …and it isn’t all fun and games!

Refuge is the Christmas story and what follows: the fleeing of Jesus, Mary and Joseph from Herod’s soldiers to Egypt. This is a book with timeless crossover appeal and a message that couldn’t be more relevant.

The Queen’s Present is a witty and stylish celebration of the Queen and the world’s best known landmarks, created by Steve Antony especially for Christmas time.

The Snowflake Mistake is a beautiful magical rhyming story about how every snowflake is unique and perfect in its own way.

Ladybird Christmas Time is a beautifully festive collection of traditional Christmas stories, songs and carols.



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